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MC Reaction

November 11, 2016

From early on in the evening, it became clear that the 2016 General Election would not go as expected. With the nations eyes focused on surprise states such as Michigan and Wisconsin, it was unclear until late in the evening who would win. In the end, Donald Trump would win against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Among the students reacting was Senior Trent Markland, “I have seen great division over the results of the election, and I hope that the division among Hillary and Trump supporters can be smoothed over. However, I am very skeptical that people will be willing to work together easily.” Many were shocked by how well Trump did, with Senior Autumn Markley stating that “ Truth is, we all underestimated the amount of Trump supporters prior to this election. Their passion for change and a better economy caused them to come out and vote in unexpected numbers. This surprise is what won him the election.”

In the state of Illinois, Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth defeated incumbent Republican Senator Mark Kirk with 54% of the vote compared to Kirks 40%. This was one of the few Senate pickups that the Democrats had with the other taking place in New Hampshire. One term incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte was unseated by Governor Maggie Hassan in one of the closest races in an already nail biter of a night. The Republicans retain control with a divide of 51-48. On the Congressional side of the Capitol, Democratic Congresswoman Cheri Bustos won easily against relatively unknown Republican Patrick Harlan 60% to 40%. With this win, Bustos will serve her third term in Congress representing the Illinois 17th Congressional District. The Republicans continue to control the House 238 seats to 193.

At the state legislative level, the 47th Senate District was taken by unopposed Republican Jil Tracy. On the General Assembly side, Republican incumbent Randy Friese fended off Democrat Bobby Pritchett for the 94th General Assembly District.

Jacob Marx
Political Editor

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