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New Beginnings

November 11, 2016

Ron Zank is one of the new additions to the Monmouth College faculty, more specifically the Theatre department. If you ever need to talk to him, the third floor of McMichael Academic is the place to be. Zank’s office is a little empty – one ‘Wizard of Oz’- painting is basically all you can find there, but he fills the room with his enduring joy and love for teaching and his students.

He loves teaching because of the interaction with his students, even stating that sometimes they learn as much from him as he does from them. The constant changes of dynamics in a school setting makes everyday different for professor Zank and that is just the way he likes it. He loves to act and use the power of acting as a tool, but has never had the aspiration of becoming a star on Broadway or in Hollywood. It’s in the everyday use of acting that Zank finds the magic. As he says, acting can be used in any profession. Having trouble with giving presentations or introducing yourself to new people? Theatre is a great background to have and help you develop that talent. Besides teaching and theatre, he likes the weather. Zank even has the adventurous dream of encountering a real tornado up close one day, the so-called storm chasing is on his bucket list. His less adventurous interests are reading books and collecting a few action figures.

Originally originated from Nebraska, Zank enjoys the small town life that Monmouth has to offer. He enjoys the interesting architecture of the old buildings as well as the dynamic of a city that is largely inhabited by college students. One of the students that resides on campus, junior theatre major Galen Hughes, who served as Zank’s stage manager during ‘Oedipus Rex’, was more than happy to share her thoughts on the professor. “It was amazing to work together with him. He always took my thoughts on the play into consideration. As a student I found it very affirming that he listened to my opinion. Older people sometimes tend to think that they know what they are doing and therefore don’t need a second opinion. Professor Zank definitely knew what he was doing, but he always listened to the things I had to say.”

Korneel Dobbels
Contributing Writer

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