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New partnership benefits first-generation students

November 11, 2016

Photo courtesy of Monmouth College

Monmouth College and Strive for College have partnered up to increase the opportunities for low-income, first-generation college students. Strive for College is an online community where avid up-and-coming students can reach out to dedicated mentors who will aid them in their trials of college admissions and financial aid applications. These mentors will help these prospective students gain the knowledge needed to be successful in gaining acceptance to the college of their choice and maintaining academic standing in order to stay in college. With 29 percent of Monmouth’s students claiming to be first-generation, they will receive opportunities such as the Scots Success Mentoring program, the Bridge to Success program, and the New Beginnings program.

The New Beginnings program, similar to the Strive for College program, offers students to pair with a mentor who is also a peer so that they can feel comfortable when learning the ropes and engaging with a new environment. The Bridge to Success program is an 18-day experience where students begin to start learning at a college level as opposed to high school. The New Beginnings program is offered by the Office of Intercultural Life and it provides multicultural students a three-day opportunity to learn how to manage family, academic obligations, and time. With listing only some of the great opportunities here at Monmouth, our school wants to give every opportunity to our incoming prospective students in order for them to beat the alarming dropout rate of low-income, first-generation college students which is about 90 percent.

While also participating in other programs that aid prospective students, Monmouth has earned a place in the top ten best private non-profit four-year institutions that enroll and graduate Pell Grant recipients as of March of 2016. Recipients of the Pell Grant are traditionally first generation students or students from low-income families. The College is also one of about 50 schools who support LINK Unlimited Scholars which is a program that serves economically disadvantaged African-American youth by offering one-on-one mentoring, academic support, and scholarship opportunities throughout high school and further education. LINK also allows students and administrators to give other students relevant information about their schools.

Monmouth College prides itself with offering every opportunity that will allow its students to be successful in an engaging academic environment. Monmouth Regional Director of Admission Brandon Myer said, “Through a variety of measures, students receive the challenge and support to succeed academically and socially at Monmouth.”

Riley Hess
News Editor

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