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That’s So Raven makes psychic comeback

November 11, 2016

“Oh snap!” That’s So Raven is coming back! After almost ten years, Disney Channel fans can begin to laugh again at the spunky, supernatural Raven-Symone. Announced October 27th, Symone declared she would be leaving her co-hosting position on The View, to start production back in Los Angeles for the upcoming sequel.

Fans will notice obvious changes. Raven will now be a divorced mother of two, whose daughter inherited her psychic abilities. As of now, Raven’s parents, and younger brother Cory, played by Kyle Massey (who had his own spinoff “Cory in the House”) will not be returning to the show.

And unfortunately, Raven’s two best sidekicks, witty Chelsea, and aspiring rapper, Eddie, will not be coming back either. We can only hope there is an epic return of shenanigans.

On the bright side, viewers will see many similarities from the popular Disney spinoff. Raven is a mother of two kids, a daughter and a son. Nia, just started middle school, trying to fit in but was literally born to stand out.

Her inherited superpower is usually well-intentioned, but like her mother, things tend to get complicated. Booker, the boy of the house, is a rule follower, but is easily convinced, a true mama’s boy.

Casting is underway, but no one, besides Symone has officially been given a part. Hopefully, for our sake, the cast from the past, will get a chance to surprise us, especially after expressing interest.

Symone will produce the show along with Disney, leaving The View after just a short stint with the other female co-hosts. Leaving New York for Los Angeles, the show is set to premiere in early 2017 on the Disney Channel. It’s the future I can see.

Tessa Jones
Contributing Writer

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