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Water Polo ends season with win

November 11, 2016

Last weekend, the men’s water polo team travelled to Erie, Pennsylvania to compete in the Mid-Atlantic Western Division Championships. Their first game was against second-seeded Salem International University. Each team came out fighting but the Tigers held the Fighting Scots at a comfortable distance. The Scots were down going into the fourth quarter and although they had scored eight goals in the fourth alone, which aided their morale, it was not enough to clinch the victory. The Scots fell short to the Tigers 18 to 15.

The Scots second game was against Washington and Jefferson College. The Presidents managed to muster up a six to two lead by the end of the first quarter which kept the Scots at bay for most of the game. The Scots fought tooth and nail with Sophomore Jake Hall closing the gap but the Presidents rebutted with force. Junior Sebastian Hernandez says, “I think we were playing too close to our raw emotions. We all really wanted to win and were playing our hardest but we did not take a step back and evaluate what was happening in front of us. It was almost like a an exciting panic.”

The Scots’ final game of the season was a match up with the first team they played at the beginning of the season, LaSalle University. Last time the pair faced off, the Explorers beat the Scots by one goal in overtime. Monmouth was ready for a final battle. At the end of the first quarter the Scots were down three to two, and at half time the score doubled six to four. The third quarter was brutal with endless swimming and shots after shots from both sides. After the third quarter the Scots managed to pull ahead nine to eight. Going into the fourth the Scots scrounged all of the intensity and effort they had left to finish off the game 13 to 11 and ending the season on a high note.

With the season over, the Fighting Scots wrapped up their season with three wins and twelve losses. The returning players are already looking forward to next year and itching to get back to the grind. Sophomore Alex Altamirano says, “On paper, this season looked rough but with so many close games our team has been better than any other season. This season provided us with a sneak peak of what this team is truly capable of. We know our goals and once August rolls around, our potential will be reached.”

Riley Hess
News Editor

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