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Wicked remains a show for the books

November 11, 2016

Miranda Jones / The Courier

On Friday, November 4, ASAP took a group of students and faculty to Peoria, IL to see the off Broadway production of Wicked. Wicked is the story of Elphaba and Glinda, which was played by Jessica Vosk & Amanda Jane Cooper, and how their relationship and the events that take place develop into the Wizard of Oz.

The outstanding cast performed almost a three hour show and never once broke character. Elphaba was one character that stuck out the most, not only because she was green, but because of her unique voice. The song Elphaba sings at the end of act one, Defying Gravity, brought tears to my eyes. Another well known character, Glinda, had a rambunctious personality, that brought life to her character. As act two came to a close, the connections between Wicked and The Wizard of Oz began to form.

I highly recommend this production. While watching the play, I was always engaged with what was happening on the stage. The music, set, and cast left an everlasting impression with me. I enjoyed being able to experience this Broadway Production, and hope for the chance to see it again.

Katie Troutt
Contributing Writer

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