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Gifts on a budget

November 18, 2016

Christmas is the time of year when we are granted the opportunity to show all the people we love, just exactly how much we love them. It’s an occasion that revolves around the tradition of “gift giving”. As college students, especially those of us about to graduate, understand that student loans are not cheap. Despite our urge to spoil our loved one in during the holiday season, it’s vital that we remain frugal. Hopefully, this article can help give you some ideas for finding suitable Christmas presents even though you’re on a budget. Christmas presents that all of your friends and family will love and keep from breaking the bank.

If my pinterest binging has served me well, then a gift that everyone can enjoy is the DIY movie package. Now we have all seen these at a video store before, right? The classic bucket of popcorn, two candiess and a movie. Seems simple! Well, making one yourself is fun, and even cheaper than going out a buying one that is totally unoriginal.

After you have all these supplies you are free to decorate the basket, and get as creative as you would like. This is a neutral gift that any family member or friend will love, not only is it cute, but something that you can enjoy together.

If you’re not really into DIY gifts, there are apps and websites where you can find package deals, gifts in bulk, and even name brand clearance items. The two apps that have proven the most success are BradsDeals and GroupOn. Both of these apps allow you to research limited time deals of either gifts, activities, or vacations packages. Hopefully with these gift ideas you are able to find your friends and family some great gifts for the holidays at a low cost.

Where to get the supplies:
Dollar Tree

What you’ll need:
A basket ($1)
Individual popcorn bag ($.50)
A few candies ($3-4)
Drinks ($3)
Cheap movie

Haley Thompson
Contributing Writer

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