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Masood offers support for students

November 18, 2016

In an email sent to faculty and staff by Associate Dean of Students Mohsin Masood, he reported several incidents of hate crimes toward students reacting to the results of the Presidential election.

Earlier this week Dean Masood issued a request to the Monmouth community to report any complaints to his office. Here are the incidents that have been reported thus far:

– Four students, three Latinx, and one African-American encountered harassment based on national origin. The office is already investigating the incident.
– Two Caucasian students got into a heated argument with each during the student protest march on their way to downtown on November 10. The matter has been resolved.
– One female African-American student met with Dean Masood and Regina Johnson, Director of Multicultural Student Services, to express concerns about the campus climate. This student did not directly encounter racism.
– A professor reported to our office an incident where one of her students of Mexican descent faced verbal harassment based on national origin. The student apparently is not willing to report the incident but informed the professor that he will if he encounters a similar situation again. The professor did not give the name of the student.
– The same professor reported to our office that a student walked into one of her female colleagues’ class a male student walked in with sexist language on his t-shirt. The female professor was able to handle the situation. The incident has not directly been reported to this office.
– One student reported that she saw on the west side of campus 6-7 students yelling: “Build the Wall,” “Taking America back,” and “Get them out of here.” She did not recognize any one person. This is being investigated.
– One male student reported to an RA that three Caucasian males came up to him and used inflammatory language including words like, “Pack up your bags and leave.” The student does not know the names of the three students but we will continue to investigate.

The Office of Student Affairs has taken steps to support students, such as opening the Intercultural House as a Safe Space, making security staff available to peaceful protest support, and requesting all coaches to talk to athletes about policies, kindness, and respect.

If you have any questions or would like to report an incident, please contact Dean Masood.

Cristian Corbett
Co-Editor in Chief

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