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Young alums return for campaign panel

November 18, 2016

Although the election is over, there is a lot to be learned from it. Next Monday, four recent alums will return to the campus of Monmouth College in order to share their experiences from the 2016 election. They will give insight into the worlds of campaign work and journalism from their time in the field, helping those in the communications and political science fields to receive a better understanding of what they can do with their major.

Starting after the 2012 presidential campaign, political science alums who worked on the campaign have returned to give insight from recently concluded elections. According to Professor Robin Johnson, who organized the event, “Monmouth College has always brought back alumni to share their experiences and provide advice on career choices.”

The alums who will be returning classes range from 2010 up until last year. Rachel Bold, who graduated from the international studies and communication programs in 2010 works for the Illinois Senate Republican staff and was involved with a major suburban State Senate race this year. This is the second time that Bold has returned to campus for the panel.

Ryan Arndt graduated from the business administration and history programs in 2015 and went on to work for the Illinois House Democratic Majority in a closely watched suburban race. Steven Oaks is a product of the political science department in 2015 and worked as an organizer for the Progressive Turnout Project in northeastern Iowa.

Finally, Libby Meyers studied in the communications and political science programs in 2016 and now works for the Burlington Hawkeye as a political reporter. During the election, Meyers had the opportunity to report on the Iowa Caucus and to interview Hillary Clinton one on one.

The panel will be held on November 21 from 7 P.M. to 8:15 P.M. in the Morgan Room of Polling Hall. Everyone on campus is invited, even if not a member of the political science or communications department. The event is being moderated by political science professor Robin Johnson and communications professor Joe Angotti.

The format for the event will be that the moderators will begin by asking questions of the panel, then the panel will be opened to the audience. However, Johnson makes clear that the event is “not a rehash of campaign talking points or a debate, but more a discussion of their experiences and career advice for current students.”

Jacob Marx
Political Columnist

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