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Meet the Courier staff

February 3, 2017

Cristian Corbett, senior, is the co-editor-in-chief at the Courier along with other senior, Miranda Jones. The duties of editor-in-chief involve overseeing the general layout and design of the paper and assigning stories to writers.

Corbett was pulled into the newspaper after taking a journalism class his sophomore year with Professor Angotti. “The Courier staff really enjoyed my writing and they wanted me to be on the staff the following year”.

Originally from Roy, Utah, Corbett heard about Monmouth College through a recruiting website for swimming during his senior year of high school. He has been a competitive swimmer for over ten years and is a part of the Monmouth College swim team.

When he is not in the pool, Corbett enjoys singing as well as playing the guitar and piano. Corbett was driven into his major of Communication and minor in Media and Journalism due to his love for film and technology.

Corbett’s favorite memory from writing for the Courier is when he was able to do a story on a very close friend, Shayne Stone. “It was a unique story about a friend and I was honored to be able to be the one to write it”.

The advice Corbett would like to give to the future editor in chief would be “Take it seriously. Working at the Courier is the closest thing to being a real life journalist that there is here and if it’s something that you’re really interested in doing, it could really help you out in the long run”.

After graduation in May, Cristian Corbett is open to anything, but hopes for a job close to home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Gianna Miceli
Features Editor

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