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14 reasons Valentine’s Day is overrated

February 10, 2017

1. Love shouldn’t be confined to one day.
Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing. Why is it that the love people share for one another is really only shown on Valentine’s Day? People have come to expect a romantic evening and cute gift on Valentine’s Day but it would be much more meaningful to receive on day where you just wanted to make your S.O. happy. On a related topic, anniversary’s seem like a better day to be expected to share the love; not some commercialized holiday. Which leads to the next point…

2. Valentine’s Day is a consumer holiday.
Let’s be real. Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday and is just another way for businesses to make money. Sorry, not sorry.

3. It’s a day strictly for the girls.
Ladies, if you think you don’t set up expectations for your significant other on February 14th, just ask yourself: have you ever considered buying him a box of chocolates? If not, chances are your S.O. feels like they will let you down by not getting you a gift or rose petals leading to the bed. Valentine’s Day should be about the love shared between the two of you, not how much he can prove it to you with material goods. Show your man some love. Get him a heart shaped box of chocolates for a change.

4. The gifts suck.
This seems counter intuitive after what was just explained but there is a point to be made. Unless you ask for what you want, you’re getting a stuffed teddy bear that will ultimately be put in a box to never be seen again. Let’s not forget the cheap box of chocolates your Mamma sends you in the mail; you know the ones, the cherry filled disasters. Valentine’s Day gift lack the thoughtful nature of gift giving. You go out and buy the same teddy bear everyone ever buys their Valentine. Don’t stand for this! Be creative and sentimental. Remember the person receiving the gift is someone special to you. Someone you know better than anyone else. You can do better than a mass-produced stuffed bear.

5. There’s no rule book.
Is it customary for ladies to give gifts? Obviously it’s the right thing to do but that doesn’t mean it happens. Also, really what are you supposed to give one another? If you both decide flowers and chocolates aren’t worth the money then what’s the customary gift? Are gifts even necessary? What if one S.O. gives the other a bigger gift then the other? There are just too many questions revolving around the customs of February 14 that it’s just, well, overrated.

6. It’s centered around the love of a significant other.
So far, all that has been talked about is the love that is celebrated between a couple because that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Valentine’s Day is about love though. Loved is shared between you and more people than your S.O. Remember to share the love with parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends. They are all important parts of your life that shouldn’t be ignored.

7. It’s stressful.
The actual day, February 14th, it’s really very stressful if you do happen to be a couple with plans. First off, making the plans is a hassle. As if deciding where to eat and what movie to see isn’t enough you also have to set aside time in the middle of the week to go do these things. On top of that gifts are commonly involved in the mix too. It’s just too much work for a holiday that isn’t recognized as a federal holiday. (A.K.A. you get the day off).

8. It sucks to be single, but it shouldn’t.
Being single during Valentine’s Day may in a blessing in disguise. Don’t be bummed out if you don’t have a S.O. Read this entire list and you might thank your lucky stars you don’t have to deal with it. Think about it this way, some couples choose not to celebrate so it’s just any other day to them; as it should be for you.

9. The people who complain about being single, but only during February.
This one is not referring to those single folks who just want to be in a relationship, no. This one is referring to the group of singles who live up the single life every other day of the year but when Valentine’s Day rolls around they relentlessly complain that they don’t have plans. Not just that, they make it very well known to everyone they talk to. For the sake of everyone, don’t be that person.

10. February is a sucky month.
Let’s take a poll. Who wants Valentine’s Day to be June 14? Everyone? That’s what I thought.

11. Cupid is horrifying.
Cupid, the Greek god. Son of Venus, the goddess of love and Mars, the god of war. A focus group looking to progress the commercialization of Valentine’s Day must be to blame for this decision. They must have thought “Cupid is the Greek god of desire and love. This will be a perfect mascot of Valentine’s Day!” They may not have ever stopped to ask if it was a good idea though. A little man wearing a diaper (because Americans value decency) shooting arrows at people seems off putting.

12. There’s a movie for Valentine’s Day.
It’s one of those horrendous movies with 20 well-known Hollywood stars. It has just as many plot lines and it utterly confusing.

13. It’s not an inclusive day of love.
Valentine’s Day is not only for the ladies but it stereotypically represents the love shared between heterosexual couples. The LGBT+ community is not really well portrayed for this holiday of love. While this doesn’t necessary stop these couples from celebrating it just seems best for love to be represented, regardless of what that love looks like. Additionally, have you ever seen a commercial depicting two women buying each other jewelry? Case in point.

14. It’s expensive.
Buying gifts, paying for dinner, going to the movie theater or renting a movie, it all adds up. Sure, there are ways to make it cheaper but regardless it’s still a day built on getting consumers to spend money, which is exactly what ends up happening in most cases. As the saying goes, money doesn’t buy happiness; well it doesn’t buy love and affection either. Show love in other ways!

As to not leave things sour, there are two good things that come from this Hallmark holiday.

1. Chocolate covered strawberries.
Ever tried dipping fresh strawberries in Nutella? It’s even better.

2. Discounted candy on February 15th.
This one speaks for itself.

Miranda jones
Co-Editor in Chief

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