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Meet the Courier Staff

February 10, 2017

Riley Hess, junior, is the News Editor at the Courier. The duties of the News Editor are to oversee the news spread, pick stories, and find writers for those stories.

Originally from University Place, Washington, Hess heard about Monmouth College through a recruiting website called NCSA and former water polo coach, Josh Dunn.

Majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in media and journalism; Hess was pulled into the world of newspaper after a class with Professor Angotti and being seen as a potential writer. Former News Editor and friend of Hess, Cristian Corbett, was able to say a few nice things to help get him ahead of the competition.

When he is not working on the Courier or playing water polo, Riley Hess enjoys reading about the latest pop culture and entertainment, comics, and playing video games. Sometimes, you can catch him in a heated debate with friends over any subject or writing a tall tale.

Riley Hess’ favorite memory included re-designing the entire news section in less than 24 hours because of there being so many peaceful protests, schoolwide emails, and incidents on campus concerning the 2016 election.

“I had to write the front page article for our last issue of the first semester and it was really hard not pissing anyone off” Hess said, “I felt like I was racing against the clock, but I also knew that I had my friends on the staff behind me as well as Professor Angotti”.

The advice Hess would like to give to any future News Editor would be “Do not take on too many responsibilities at once because the deadline for each Courier issue comes sooner than you think. Basically, just know your limit”.

After graduation in May 2018, Riley Hess hopes to go back to the west coast and attend graduate school for communication theory.

Ladies, Valentine’s Day is coming up and he’s single.

Gianna Miceli
Features Editor

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