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PR students aid local businesses

February 10, 2017

Students taking Public Relations (PR) classes are building their resumes by aiding local businesses with their PR efforts. For the first time in Monmouth College history, there is a class that doubles as a PR firm. This new concept called MC Relations, was created by first year assistant professor Josh Hawthorne. Similar to The Courier and MC-TV, MC Relations is a student run organization. This new idea effects the course making it have more than just exams and papers on the syllabi. The courses allow students to work with businesses in the Monmouth community to develop the skills they have learned throughout their time at the college. Hawthorne, who is leading the way for his students, feels that MC Relations is “more than just a class…it’s a project.”

With high hopes Hawthorne explains his goals for MC Relations. “There are two main goals I have for this project. First, is that the students get real world experience, build skills, and strengthen their portfolio/resume. Secondly, I want them to have a positive impact on our community and improve the relationship between the college and small businesses or nonprofits.”

Of the courses working with MC Relations, one is the PR capstone. Senior capstone classes are designed to help students in a certain discipline bring together all of their knowledge, and implement it into a project relative to their field. As part of the PR curriculum, MC Relations is designed to prepare students for this field by giving them opportunities to interact with ‘clients’, create media, advertise, and market local businesses.

However, this project doesn’t just benefit the students. The Scot’s are also extending this free PR firm as an olive branch to the Monmouth residents. When asked what this course will do for the local businesses/non-profits (aside from the free advertising), senior Cristian Corbett said, “I think this course will help strengthen the relationship between the college and the city of Monmouth. I hear there’s a lot of disconnect between the two and I think this is a great way to strengthen the bond.”

Some of the local businesses and non-profits that MC Relations is working with are: Market Alley Wines, Rainbow Riders, Freedom Roller Rink, Seagram’s Coffee, and The Warren Achievement Center. “Some groups in our class have already designed flyers, and posters for the company they are helping, and we are just three weeks in”, said senior Gianna Miceli.

Steeped with positivity, Gianna feels that the students are responding well to MC Relations as a senior capstone and as a community project. The only thing that the students find stressful is the intimidating agenda. “The structure of the course gives us a lot of leeway in terms of what we are able to do in our project. It is intimidating, but all of the freedom is also encouraging,” explained Miceli.

As the MC Relation seniors prepare to graduate and leave Monmouth, this course will provide them with real life, hands on experience. Working with local businesses will allow them to not only build their resumes, but a relationship with the community.

Haley Thompson
Contributing Writer

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