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SuperBowl Half Time recap

February 10, 2017

Last Sunday the New England Patriots were able to secure an overtime win with a nineteen point deficit going into the fourth quarter. The Patriots’ performance was not the only impressive event that occurred that night. Lady Gaga performed at the halftime show and put on an entertaining show that dazzled the viewers across the country.

Although Gaga has had a reputation for having the most creative, or ridiculous, costumes in the music industry, she did not go over the top with her various outfits. She started with a shiny silver outfit that closely resembled a disco ball along with makeup around her eyes to match. After a few minutes she added a sparkling gold jacket over her top to make her the example of what good accessorizing looks like. Eventually she parted ways with the silver and gold and came out with a new outfit sporting white football padding. Nothing like the old Gaga, but still effective and unique.

As far as the performance went, she definitely delivered. Gaga was reeled down into the statium using wires to give the impression that she jumped off of the roof. She was shown doing in a pre-recorded video due to concerns of weather during the game. Although the dance moves and tricks she performed using the wires were not that impressive, she quickly lost the wires to join the dancers. With the dancers, various costumes, unique stage art, musicians, lights, fireworks, and fire, it would be difficult for anyone to choose what to look at if they were at the show. As the show reached its three minute mark, Gaga was deep into the choreography with her dancers. Although she did not perform every dance move, since she was the one singing, she was still brought high energy throughout the performance.

The part that most people want to know when listening to an artist is how they sound live. It is safe to say that Lady Gaga surpassed expectations when singing The Edge of Glory, Poker Face, Born This Way, Telephone, Million Reasons, and saving the best for last; Just Dance. Gaga slayed every song demonstrating that she does not need auto-tune or any studio to fix mistakes. Arguably the most impressive part of her show was the demonstration of her range of octaves. She shifted from low to high with ease even while dancing and playing instruments. There were two winners on Super Bowl Sunday; The Patriots and Lady Gaga.

Riley Hess
News Editor

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