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Class of ‘17 senior gift has mixed reviews

February 17, 2017

Each year, a small committee of seniors at Monmouth College team up with the Office of Development and College Relations to brainstorm ideas for the Senior Class Gift and Honor Walk. The Senior Gift is a tradition that is upheld year after year with amazing results.

This tradition has produced the new statue located between the football field and the library, the famous cannon, and even Big Red himself. The gift allows each graduating class to leave a lasting impression and legacy on Monmouth College campus before they are whisked away into the working world.

This year’s senior class has an obtainable goal of raising 8,000 dollars within the next 77 days. The sum of money will be used for a recreational grilling area for all to use. The area will include a small concrete plot of land that will be accompanied by two free standing grills along with picnic tables, trash cans, and recycling bins.

The concept behind this proposed recreational area is that it will promote unity and togetherness on campus which will allow the students to bond while not in class. As of today the fundraising page has raised 743 dollars and is in need of donations.

Although the gift is a respectable one, some students are not thrilled with the decision of grills and trash bins as their legacy on campus. Senior Addison Morgan believes the gift is not as significant and prominent as it could be. “The fundraiser should be used to renovate The Underground because it can be used frequently as a recreational area opposed to these grills that are only a good idea to use when it is warm outside. We only get ideal warmth in the first month and last few weeks of school.”

The Underground is located on the bottom level of Grier which used to host Open Mic as well as other student lead functions.

What some students may have forgotten was that there were multiple invitations sent out to participate in the committee. At the end of spring semester in 2016 and the beginning of fall semester 2017 e-mails were sent out inviting anyone within the senior class to join the Senior Class Gift Committee. Often these emails may be given little thought or completely overlooked, which could be the cause of confusion among students regarding the gift that is selected.

Furthermore, there is a process that leaves even the Senior Class Gift committee at the will of those who make the ultimate decision higher up. The committee comes up with a few ideas that are presented to college staff. This is where the decision goes into the hands of a source outside of the senior committee where the final gift is selected.

Senior Cristian Corbett wishes for a change in how the committee goes about selecting the gifts to be presented to college staff since it is a gift the entire class will be remembered by. “I would rather have the committee pick a variety of options that all seniors can vote from so at least we have some say in what we give back to the school.”

If there are any question or concerns regarding the senior class gift, students are encouraged to contact to make it known.

Riley Hess
News Editor

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