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Lacrosse teams set for first games

February 17, 2017

Michelle Ravel / The Courier

Men’s and women’s lacrosse is the new sport at Monmouth College, and everyone on campus is excited to see the two teams in action. Many people do not know a lot about lacrosse so men’s coach Andrew Routt and women’s coach Elizabeth Demara gave an introduction to Fighting Scots lacrosse in Glennie Gymnasium on Monday night.

The coaches started off by explaining some of the differences between men’s and women’s lacrosse. The women’s game is less physical and a lot less contact is allowed and they have different field setups. The women have two arc’s, an eight meter arc and a twelve meter arc. Defenders are only allowed to be inside the eight meter arc for a maximum of three seconds or they are called for a penalty. This is to prevent defenders from just standing there to block shots and passes as well as safety reasons, women’s lacrosse players only wear mouth guards and goggles.

The women’s field is also longer than the men’s field and this is mainly because women were not allowed to play lacrosse until the early 2000’s even though lacrosse is the oldest known sport in North America. Women’s lacrosse has yellow cards and red cards to determine the severity of a penalty, just like in soccer.

The men’s sticks have deeper pockets than the women’s; this allows them to cradle the ball easier when they run. The women have to drop the stick after they score a goal to make sure the pocket is regulation size, while the men are called for penalties when they drop or throw their sticks. Men’s lacrosse is played with ten players on the field for each team while women’s lacrosse is played 12 vs. 12. The men play four fifteen minute quarters and the women play two thirty minute halves, which is the opposite of collegiate basketball.

Both teams wear similar gear. The goalies wear big chest protectors, gloves, and a neck guard. The midfielders, attackers, and defenders wear small shoulder pads and elbow pads. The main difference is that women wear goggles and the men wear helmets. Oddly enough, they use different colored balls too. The men play with white balls while the women play with yellow balls. Both sports can play with orange colored balls if they both agree on it. This is usually used for when it is snowing.

The men’s and women’s lacrosse teams will play their first games this weekend. The women will head to Minnesota to play at University of Northwestern and Augsburg College, while the men will be playing at home against Carroll University on Saturday and Elmhurst College on Tuesday.

Cooper Pauley
Sports Editor

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