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Meet the staff

February 17, 2017

Miranda Jones, senior, is the Co-Editor in Chief along with Cristian Corbett. The duties of editor-in-chief involve overseeing the general layout and design of the paper and assigning stories to writers.

Originally from Grinnell, Iowa, Jones heard about Monmouth College through her alum grandmother. Jones’ grandma became a Kappa Kappa Gamma during her time at Monmouth and after leaving Monmouth College, she became a trustee.

“She loved Monmouth College and suggested to all of her grandchildren that we come here,” Jones said, “Although she never got to see it happen, her beloved school is now my beloved school as well”.

Majoring in public relations and minoring in business administration and communication; Jones was pulled into The Courier with no experience in journalism after a call with former Editor-in-Chief Julianna Graf about the Features Editor position. Just a year later, Miranda Jones shares the title of Editor-in-Chief.

When she is not working on The Courier, Jones spent her time in the Fall playing soccer for the Fighting Scot’s women’s team. She also enjoys having a good time with her family and friends while playing Cards Against Humanity or by staying active. Even though Miranda Jones enjoys working out, she claims it is mostly to support her love of food. Jones believes that “there needs to be a healthy balance between being social/active and an antisocial lazy bum”.

The advice Jones would like to give to any future Editor in Chief would be this: “The job is not as intimidating as you might think. Be readily available, be flexible, and above all, ask questions. It’s a learning process so enjoy it and don’t take too much to heart. You might not be able to make everyone happy, but if you make Angotti happy, you’ve done your job well.”

Jones’ favorite memory included designing the second issue of this Spring semester. The whole staff was in the newsroom working and joking around, having a grand old time. “It was a small moment, but that moment will be the most unforgettable to me because it really showed how we have become family.”

After graduation in May 2017, Jones has no set plans as of right now, but has a motto to not set any expectations. “I don’t want to be disappointed by setting my expectation too high. However, I’m optimistic that I will find something in my field that I can continue to learn and grow.”

Gianna Miceli
Features Editor

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