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New look for Monmouth Admissions website

February 17, 2017

Screenshot of the new Monmouth College Admissions website.

In the first step of a site-wide redesign, Communications and Marketing at Monmouth College has launched a new and improved version of the Admissions section of the Monmouth College website. Under the leadership of Nick Carlson, he and Web & Digital Media Manager Kevin Lindsay implemented a design concept, laying out the groundwork for the redesign. The redesign comes after a rebranding effort by the college last year.

The new site takes advantage of images and uses less text to tell the Monmouth College story. The website is tailored for mobile devices as well.

In an email sent to faculty and staff, VP of Enrollment and Communications Trent Gilbert stated, “We know that most prospective students are doing their college search using their mobile device and this was a key aspect of making the transition.”

“We are in a world that’s driven by images and video,” said Executive Director Duane Bonifer. “We wanted to simplify the site. There was a lot of content and information and we spent a lot of time deciding what was most relevant to prospective students and their families.”

One of Bonifer’s main focuses was on building relationships between prospective students and the admissions department. A new feature of the site allows users to chat with any Admissions Counselors with any questions that they might have.

“We want to have a website that encourages visitors and prospective students to interact with us.” Bonifer said.

Within the coming months, Bonifer and Carlson will be working on implementing this redesign to other sections of the website to bring the whole site in line with the new design, while also working with the various offices on campus to help determine content and organization.

“Websites should reflect your organization’s values,” Bonifer said. “And we think that that is accomplished with the webpage.”

Cristian Corbett
Co-Editor in Chief

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