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Seagram’s Coffee causing buzz around campus

February 17, 2017

Kallie DiTusa / The Courier - Katie Troutt and Allie Vallance pet Seagram, the resuced service dog.

Caffeine. It’s the fuel that has made countless all-nighters writing papers and cramming for tests possible for students across the globe for centuries. While many MC students bemoan the lack of a Starbucks, there is a coffee shop in town that offers so much more than just a boost of energy.

Connected to Danny’s Tap and Grille on the corner of A Street and 1st Avenue, Seagram’s Brew Coffee House is the perfect place for Monmouth College students to get their fix of quality coffee, tea, and breakfast food. Owner Joel Simpson says that the coffee shop has been a project over five years in the making. “It’s been a real rollercoaster ride. From buying the space to seeing the bar [Danny’s Tap and Grille] burn to the ground was extremely sad, but it gave us the opportunity to make something special.”

When you visit Seagram’s Brew Coffee House, delicious hot and iced coffee, lattes, breakfast sandwiches, and other treats are only part of the equation. There are also a number of local businesses represented inside, offering locally-made mugs from Chickenscratch Pottery, Scot’s Roast coffee made on campus, and even home-made dog treats for your favorite four-legged friend. Simpson is also a local animal rights activist, and is currently working on creating an ordinance that would help allow for pet-friendly restaurants in Monmouth.

While most come for the coffee, most stay for another reason—the shop’s mascot, Seagram. Seagram is a rescued service dog that Simpson has cared for the past three years, and it’s clear why he is such a popular attraction. The gentle Blue Pitbull lies in his bed next to the counter, wagging his tail vigorously any time someone walks into the door, ready to accept pets and deliver kisses. “Seagram is about 10 years old, and whoever gave him up for adoption likely couldn’t afford to pay for his knee surgeries […] He has worked hard his whole life and –sadly—he’s had some serious knee problems,” says Simpson. However, he is happy as a pup can be and loves all of the attention from his new friends. “People have bought our dog treats just so they can give him one!” mentioned Simpson.

Having been posted on multiple social media groups, Seagram has even gained global recognition; commenters on the Seagram’s Brew Coffee House Facebook page have shown their support from around the world. “I’ve gotten messages from people in Australia, Mexico, and all across the US. Someone from Scotland even said that they would visit every day if they lived in the US,” Simpson said. Luckily, Seagram’s Brew Coffee House is only a short walk from campus, so you can support local businesses, indulge yourself, and have some quality time with one absolute sweetheart of a dog all right here in Monmouth.

Ross Eugene
Contributing Writer

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