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The s*** that should be on your MC bucket list

February 17, 2017

This spring the Admissions office put out a bucket list for campus calling it “The Monmouth College student experience”. This “bucket list” seems to be aimed at perspective students in a very family-friendly manner, which is both predictable and boring (in the most respectable way). It was a great idea and made me reminisce on my past 3 and a half years here and I agree, these things contribute to a great day-to-day experience at Monmouth, but are those the things that we are actually going to treasure 10 years from now when thinking back to our college days? I think not.

“They are some of the things, oftentimes outside of the classroom, that makes this experience such a rich and valuable one.” Maybe I’m alone here, but Climbing the rock wall in Trotter, renting a bike from Stockdale, and hanging out in the Peterson movie theater are not the first outside-the-classroom activities I think to put on my bucket list.

After reading this PG13 bucket list, I decided that I have 10 of my own additions to share with all of my fellow seniors trying to live it up before Graduation day comes around.

* Disclaimer: this is meant to be fun and light hearted and to encourage seniors to cherish the short time that we have left here at Monmouth College.

1. Solo on the penny bar
If you don’t know what/where the penny bar is, that should be #1 on your list of things to do before you graduate. Find it. Climb it. Dance on it.

2. Sing Karaoke at the Woodshed
This is an experience for literally anyone. If karaoke isn’t your thing, make it your thing for a night. You don’t have to be good, just do it.

3. Streak on the football field
Is it actually a bucket list is streaking isn’t on it? Go for this one, but remember that public nudity is illegal so choose your timing and audience wisely.

4. Legally enter HT
There are only a few people on campus that have ever been inside of the ugly eye sore in the middle of campus known as HT. Check with a professor or janitor and see if you can be one of the few to get into HT.

5. Get busy in CSB
The Center for Science and Business seems to be the holy grail for people to do things in on campus whether it be meeting for group projects or working on chemistry experiments, but could you take the class out of the classroom and do the horizontal hula?

6. Sneak up to the cupola
Everyone sees the cupula on every MC advertisement in the logo, you see it on top of Wallace every day, but is there a way to get up close and personal with it? I don’t know but maybe someone can find out.

7. Get a photo in every building on campus
Take this challenge as you may and make it your own. Do something crazy in each photo or even turn it into a photo find and see who can accomplish the craziest set of photos around campus.

8. Participate in the senior bar crawl
Bar crawls at Monmouth College only come around once a year, so go, get a little crazy, and make sure it’s something that you can remember.. or at least be told stories about all the funny crap you did surrounded by the rest of your senior class.

9. Darty on Scots Day
We all know that Scots eve is one of the best nights on campus, why not continue the celebration and throw a day party.

10. Pass all of your classes and graduate
Let’s remember why we are here and how amazing it will feel to walk across the stage on Wallace Lawn on May 14th. Graduation day should be a huge bucket list accomplishment for everyone, so let’s get it done.

These are just 10 things that would make a good story to tell your friends, but there are so many ways to enjoy your Monmouth College experience. It’s so insane to think that were coming up on midterms of our last semester, but I think we all need a reminder that we only live once and we need to enjoy it while we can. To quote Billy Madison in regards to our last 3 months in college, “For the love of God, Cherish it!”

Kallie DiTiusa
Graphic/Layout Designer

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