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Black Marble album like waking up from a nightmare

February 24, 2017

Listening to Black Marble is like looking at black and white portrait drawings from the expressionists. Sometimes they’re nightmare-ish, but have a poignant feeling to them. Black Marble’s intoxicating sound is dark, ghostly, and mysterious; and yet it still manages to sound innocent in a way. It’s Immaterial is like listening to a soundtrack of a long night of trouble sleeping.

The album begins with “Interdiction,” which includes many disturbing synths. At one point it sounds like someone is screaming in pain. After getting past that intro, “Iron Lung” begins and it feels like a breath of fresh air; similar to the way it feels like to wake up from a nightmare. Fast forward a bit into the album and you get to the song “Woods,” which feels like one of those dreams where you’re running but you have no idea to where. The rhythm of the song continues to have the same pace throughout, which somehow causes tension. Right afterwards the song “A Million Billion Stars” plays and once again feels relaxing, but with a little confusion. This is similar to when someone wakes up from a dream and realizes it was only a dream. Not only that, but this song literally sounds like what a night sky would sound like if it had music to it. The keyboard is played to mimic sounds of wind, and create sounds for the twinkling of the stars.

It is very apparent that Black Marble has influences from Joy Division, especially in the vocals. There could also be some influence from The Cure in the early 80’s from songs like “Play for Today” and “All Cats Are Grey.” In an interview with CraveOnline, Chris Stewart, the artist behind Black Marble, described his music as a “bedroom synth project.” He doesn’t give much insight into the meaning behind the album, or his music in general, because he likes to keep the mystery for people who like to dig deeper into the meaning of things.

Lily Guillen
Contributing writer

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