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Class of ‘17 senior gift questions answered

February 24, 2017

The Senior Class Gift is an important part of the transition from student to alumni for every graduating class. The purpose of any gift is to leave behind a legacy to the College. Getting everyone within the entire senior class often brings up differing opinions on how the class should be remembered. This year is no different. Despite the inevitable differences in opinions Abbie Markley, Associate Director of the Monmouth Fund and advisor of the Senior Class Gift Committee, wants seniors to understand the importance of the transition and the process of how one gift ultimately is chosen.

The Senior Class Gift Committee currently consists of 16 students. Markley described the process to choose a gift as extensive. “Normally we try to get the gift secured and approved in the fall, because it makes fundraising efforts easier for the spring. However, the gift that they chose this fall did not get approved so we had to go back to the drawing board.”

This spring, the Senior Class Gift Committee took five different projects to Senior Staff, all of which were approved. The Senior Staff is made up of those who are heads of departments across campus. The Senior Committee chose the grilling and picnic area project from the five possible projects. This grilling area will be built near the sand volleyball courts. Markley explained that the vote for the grilling area was unanimous among the Senior Committee. Building a new clock tower and fixing the copula were among the other approved options.

Some of the qualifications the Senior Staff considers to approve or reject a gift include; if it is long lasting, provides a positive impression to students, alumni, and visitors to the college, and is also low maintenance, ensuring the gift stays on campus for generations. The Senior Staff has the authority to veto a project if they feel it does not fulfill these requirements and does not match up with the plan for the future of the College.

Although there have been criticisms, Markley explains why she feels the gift this year will be a great addition to campus. “This gift made sense because the seniors love to be outside, they wanted a place where people could get together and unify, and create somewhere freshmen could recreate the experience this senior class had on campus.” Markley added that the grilling and picnic area will leave a lasting impact on campus that the seniors will be able to come back and see whenever they return to Monmouth.

While there are different opinions, Markley’s focus remains on teaching the seniors the importance of contributing to the college once they are alumni. The senior class gift is the foundation to beginning that path. “I just want it to be a good experience for people,” said Markley.

There is a goal of $8,000 to fund the grilling and picnic area. $2,376 has been raised so far. For those interested in contributing to this year’s senior class gift there are many fundraising events and opportunities. Upcoming events students can keep an eye out for are a t-shirt sale in March, Giving Day on April 18, Cow Patty Bingo before finals week, a car smash during finals week, and Honors Walk on May 13.

Miranda Jones
Co-Editor in Chief

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