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How to keep busy during long rides

February 24, 2017

Spring break is approaching, and clusters of friends are preparing to travel to millennial-friendly locations. For us broke college students airfare is outrageously expensive. So more often than not we take the cheaper route. We round up our friends, gas up the car that seats the most people, and hit the road. Whether you and your friend are going to South Padre, Gulf Shores, Panama City Beach or New York City here are some activities to keep you busy during the long car ride:

The multi-purpose cookie sheet: cookies sheets are $0.79 at Family dollar and they have some surprising uses for a car ride; use them for a puzzle board (the edges of the sheet hold the pieces in place), use it to write on, eat food on, coloring pages, etc.

License plate game: look around at all the passing cars and try to find plates from every state and keep track of all the states that are spotted. Tally up who found each one, at the end of the trip whoever found the most wins. Highly valued road trip prizes can be: an age appropriate beverage or a meal.

Listen to a book: it can’t all be fun and games, previous to departure pick a few books and vote on one that the whole gang won’t mind hearing when driving through the night or in a car full of sleeping friends. Popular audiobooks are available at, there are even a few deals specifically for spring breakers going on now!

Would You Rather: This classic but always funny game makes you think of crazy scenarios where neither of the options are satisfying (usually gross or really weird). For example: Would you rather have to use a blanket made out of spaghetti or dog hair? Everybody gets a turn and you can make the categories as risky as you would like.

What’s yours like: One person is designated as the “guesser”, the rest of the passengers know the object that the “guesser” needs to figure out. For example: if the object is swimsuit, the passengers would say, “mine is tight”, “mine is best when it’s wet”, “mine takes forever to dry”. The point is that it is funny and but difficult for the person to guess what the object is.

Haley Thomspon
Contributing Writer

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