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Meet the Courier staff

February 24, 2017

Cooper Pauley, junior, is the Sports Editor at the Courier. The duties of the Sports Editor are to oversee the sports spread, pick stories, and find writers for those stories.

Originally from Lanark, Illinois, Pauley heard about Monmouth College by getting a recruitment letter for Cross Country and Track.

Majoring in Wellness Administration and minoring in Business; Pauley was pulled into the world of newspaper after writing articles for former Sports Editor, Anthony Matozzi. “He told me that if I applied, I would not regret working on the newspaper”.

When he is not working on the Courier or running for long periods of time, Pauley enjoys Netflix and chilling, watching movies, or playing video games with close friends.

Pauley’s favorite memory includes every Thursday in the newsroom getting the paper ready to be published on that following Friday.

“I enjoy when we finish putting the paper together and everyone hangs back for a little bit and were all just cracking jokes”.

The advice Pauley would like to give to any future Sports Editor would be “Have fun with it. It’s a job, but you should really enjoy making the paper and hanging out with everyone while doing it!”.

After graduation in May 2018, Pauley does not have any set plans for a career. However, he does plan on moving out to home state of Colorado and is very open to seeing what happens.

“I’m optimistic that I will find something in my field that I can continue to learn and grow.”

Gianna Miceli
Features Editor

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