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Mid-semester slump got you in a funk

February 24, 2017

There comes a time in every college career where you get stuck in a rut. It always starts right after midterms, but before finals. Tasks that used to take an hour now stretch into five hours. There seems to be nothing worse at this point in time. Here are some things that could happen while being in this inevitable slump:

You stop remembering you have grades:
Not saying you don’t do well, but you could honestly care less if you got a C or an A on the five big projects you’re working on. But don’t worry; you know you will start caring again once finals are around the corner.

You are tired, all of the time. Every second of the day:
It’s that feeling of waking up and already being ready for a nap. No matter how much you sleep, you feel like it doesn’t help much.

You feel like your life is spiraling out of control:
At this very moment, you don’t really have anything specific stressing you out. You might try and find another Netflix series to binge watch, because why not? All you know is that everything is continuing to spiral out around you, and you don’t even notice.

You’re forgetful, and it’s taking a toll:
You don’t care as much, so naturally, you procrastinate. You will forget about big assignments due and when you remember, you aren’t even going to care at that point.

Unfortunately, the slump can hurt your grades when you become too tired or too stressed or too overwhelmed. Here are some tips to make sure you can get through the slump and power through until the end of the semester.

Plan ahead:
Make a study schedule and stick to it. Go to class and take good notes. Set aside time for the library and make time for study sessions. A little planning could help you from needing to pull a couple of all-nighters (which would lead to more sleeping time).

Be realistic:
We all have had those Monday mornings when we wake up and you know the week is going to be rough. You surrender all hopes of trying to be a good student and will wait until the weekend to start over, even though it won’t happen (kind of like how most diets are). As much as we would like to blame our professors for the “unreasonable work load”, we did it to ourselves. We procrastinated and tried to do a week’s worth of work in two or three days. Be realistic about your goals by making realistic plans.

Don’t stop now:
Spring break may only be a week away, but we are not done yet. Don’t stop, don’t give up. If you start a routine that works, then why stop? If you get confused with class work, go see your professors or make a study group with some friends in the class. Just whatever you do, do not go back to your old ways. Be proactive.

Keep it exciting:
Reward yourself for every task completed. It could be as simple as a pat on the back, a Skittle, or a study break. If something you’re working on just isn’t clicking, then start a new project. Be excited and engaged so you can enjoy and relax during spring break.

Gianna Miceli
Features Editor

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