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A professor ‘must have’ at Monmouth College

March 24, 2017

Sometimes your hear students talking about a ‘must have’ professor. There are the quirky ones that don’t believe in grades or attendance, or the ones that leave a lasting impression. For me that professor is one that dresses up for St. Patrick’s Day, brings show and tell items to class, and gives frank, yet helpful life advice. A person that has changed my opinion, and challenged my way of thinking is none other than Professor Michael Connell, from the Business department.

Before my senior year I had never taken a class outside of the psychology department, and the required integrated studies classes. I have had some amazing professors, and was lucky enough to have a great faculty to work with throughout my college career.

I felt like I was missing something, that interesting experience students in the business department have. I always hear my friends talk about how cool Dickie J is, or how lovable Professor Prince is, and how unique professor Connell is. When it came time for my senior year and I was finally free to take some elective classes. I wound up with a seat in business 105, with Michael Connell. I didn’t know what to expect, and even if I had expected something it wouldn’t have even been close to the experience that I got.

Professor Connell is honest, comical, witty, and has a one of a kind perspective on the world we live in. From learning how area codes were created, to understanding how inflation will make my student loans easier to pay back, I’m pretty sure we covered it all. As I get ready to go out into the real world, I will forever remember all the life tips and many quotes that Professor Connell gave me. If I could recommend a Professor that you need to take at least one class with, I would recommend Professor Connell. That would be a good choice, or as Connell says every day in class, “for nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

Haley Thompson
Contributing Writer

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