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Adjusting to MyMC

March 24, 2017

A recent change that is affecting all students on campus is the MyMC update. The person behind the change is Mr. Daryl Carr, Monmouth College’s Director of Information Services. Carr says the old system was not ‘responsive’ to viewing emails on a small device, and that the portal worked slightly differently on different browsers. For example “. . . viewing 1090-t and W2 forms did not work on the old portal.” and the list goes on. In respect to the timing, it initially seemed a bit odd that the system should be replaced in the middle of the semester, but he explained that they felt. “It would be better for students to be on campus so questions and problems could be handled quickly and efficiently.” It makes for more effective troubleshooting when you can get people to use it and figure out the bugs for you. One of the confusing problems that students initially had was logging hours for on-campus jobs.

Under the new system, there is no longer a separate column for student hours. The hours are all logged under the guise of ‘Employees,’ and Mr. Carr explained the reasoning this way “The new menu option is much more intuitive. For instance, work time entry is related to employees, not students.” Another question that students had referred to having to log in to the Office365 system in addition to MyMC. Mr. Carr said this was just a complication of having a more secure email server. “Single sign-on was very much a part of the design of the new portal. Unfortunately, the complication of safely passing credentials across the internet is not always transparent.”

Other than a few initial concerns, students have seemed to enjoy the update so far. New features to the portal include: Responsive design (much easier to use on small devices), ‘Help Me Find’ (search engine for internal web services), Quick access to Redbook, Student class list, Cleaner layout, Consistency across browsers, and a new and improved WebAdvisor layout.

In addition to these new features, it should also be mentioned that the new system was rolled out nearly two weeks ahead of schedule. When I asked him how the team got it done so far ahead of schedule, he was very modest. “As much as I would like to take credit for accomplishing the move quickly, we just had no clear reference as to how long it would take to move more than 1000 mailboxes.” He went on to say that he always allows himself extra time to complete ambitious projects to make it easier for him to “manage expectations.” There will definitely be a learning curve, especially for students that were used to the old system and the way it worked, which he expressed to me. He did, however, reiterate the point that this system is a lot more intuitive, an is, in all respects, less complicated than its clunky predecessor.

John Cotter
Contributing Writer

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