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Fear factor Greek Week

March 24, 2017

Greek Week is a week-long period in March where Greek students participate in programs and events that celebrate the values of the office of Greek Life. The envents promote a fun environment, highlighting the talents and dedication of the Greek community at Monmouth College.

The Greek Week theme was chosen from Penny Wars, which is where students have the chance to drop change and vote on a theme. This year, the students voted for “Fear Factor, 90’s Edition.” Through Penny Wars we were able to raise $55 towards our philanthropies.

Our two philanthropies for Greek Week are St. Jude’s as well as the ARay Foundation. With the recent loss of one of our very own Monmouth College Fighting Scots, the Greek Week committee wanted to assist by giving back to his foundation.

All sororities and fraternities on campus have been divided into teams. The pairs are Alpha Xi Delta and Zeta Beta Tau, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Beta Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Phi Delta Theta and Mu Lambda Rho. The events and activities that are planned during Greek Week include; the Mystery Letter Grab, Greek Factor Games, Canned Castle Competition, Blood Drive, Greek Show, and a Banquet to wrap up the week.

Greek Week is planned through a group of committee members from each sorority and fraternity. The committee members are Angelica Startella (Mu Landba Rho), Coty Reilly (Phi Delta Theta), Demi Johnson (Pi Beta Phi), Hannah Callahan (Kappa Kappa Gamma), Jessica Fox (Order of Omega), Mike Gertz (Alpha Tau Omega), Nathan Null (Zeta Beta Tau), Shayne Stone (Sigma Phi Epsilon), and Simone Johnson (Alpha Xi Delta). The two directors are Ellie Peterson (Pi Beta Phi) and Kelci Foss (Kappa Kappa Gamma).

Ellie Peterson
Contributing Writer

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