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Housing questions answered

March 24, 2017

In a little over a month the general housing sign-up process will begin and stress levels will begin to peak as returning students desperately try to obtain that special room with their friends. Every year there always seems to be a number of students who complain, question, or just do not understand what happens during sign-up and what qualifies them for certain housing. Director of Residence Life John Salazar has graciously given some information on the process, and everything surrounding it, to help the student body understand the rules and deadlines concerning housing sign-up.

“The number one question I hear every year is how the proxy form works. Say you want to sign up for block housing but you personally cannot make it. You would fill out the proxy form, with a friend you trust, and your friend would basically become you and sign up in your place.” Salazar adds that there is no reason that any student should not be able to attend the general sign-up days. “Either the student should attend for themselves, or the student would have the friend go for them.”

A rumor that seems to resurface around the sign-up dates is that a student’s grade point average is put into consideration when creating the selection number list. “The only time we consider a student’s GPA or academic achievement is when students apply to Founder’s Village because there is a minimum GPA requirement of 2.2 in order to live there,” Salazar said. He also mentions that the only thing that is measured when creating the selection number list is credit hours. The credit hours are compiled from those that are earned at Monmouth as well as credits that were earned from other institutions and high school AP exams.

Salazar gave additional information about what happens when students have the same number of credit hours. “Typically, students will have similar credit hour totals based on their schedules, but we have a program that bypasses this problem. Once a year we use this program that basically randomizes all the students with the same number of credit hours and places them on the list.” The program is meant to be as random as possible for the students to receive an equal chance of being placed higher or lower on the list.

One of the biggest controversies that Salazar wants to clear up is why more men get to live in Pattee as opposed to women even though there is a higher population of women on campus. “The men on campus do not have an all-male sophomore residence hall like the women have McMichael. Although Pattee is a co-ed hall, we let more men live there because it is their only option if they do not want to live in a freshman dorm their second year of college.”

Riley Hess
News Editor

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