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Interview with Monmouth Mayor Rod Davies

March 24, 2017

Although over a month away, the mayoral race for the city of Monmouth is in full swing. The Courier’s Political Editor Jacob Marx sat down with current mayor Rod Davies this past week.

Jacob Marx: What is your background?

Rod Davies: I was born and raised in Monmouth, Ill. I attended Monmouth public schools as well as attended and graduated from Monmouth College. I then went down to Bradley University to get some more accounting courses to finish up my Certified Public Accountant certificate. After graduating from Monmouth, I worked in the family business in town and built up experience in public accounting

JM: So what brought you into public service?

RD: I grew up, and have deep family roots, here. I felt that with my accounting background I could give something back. I started off as a member of the county board and served there for many years. I felt there was a need to make more of a difference at the city level rather than the county level, and that’s why I ran for mayor back in 2005. It has always been about creating or fostering economic development here. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunities that I did while growing up here and I want those opportunities to be available for everyone who lives in Monmouth. I want to make sure that if people choose to stay, there will be opportunities for them, whether it is to start a career, go to work, or go on another career path.

JM: How will Monmouth students benefit from you having another term?

RD: Being a Monmouth grad, I certainly understand the importance of the college to this community. We have tried to support the college as we can and we have partnered together on this new sewage project near Bowers. The city partnered with the college and has $60,000 in the project. We meet regularly with President Wyatt and I am also a trustee at the college, so there is a strong place in my heart for the college. I think understanding the importance of the college as an economic driver to the community is essential. It is also important that the college is exempt from property taxes and that has been established by the legislature and it is important that we honor and follow that.

Jacob Marx
Political Editor

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