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Meet the Courier staff

March 24, 2017

Kallie DiTusa, senior, is the Graphic and Layout Editor at the Courier. The duties of the Graphic and Layout Editor are to create any graphics needed for the pages and work on the layout. DiTusa is known for her outstanding work with the front page of the newspaper every week.

Originally from Johnsburg, Illinois, DiTusa heard about Monmouth College from her high school art teacher who mentioned how close Monmouth is to Western Illinois University. Kallie DiTusa’s two older sisters went to WIU.
Majoring in Art and minoring in Arts Management; DiTusa was pulled into the world of newspaper after former Graphic and Layout Editor, Drew Lipinski, referred her to Professor Angotti.

When she is not working on the Courier or whipping up some creative graphics, DiTusa can be found binging on anything and everything HGTV. She also enjoys a hobby of boutique shopping.

Kallie DiTusa’s favorite memory includes this past ICPA convention in Chicago, Illinois with the other editors of the newspaper. ICPA convention is strictly for colleges and universities in Illinois. Once a year, a series of workshops are offered, followed by an awards ceremony. The Courier represented Monmouth College and came back with several graphic and layout awards due to Kallie DiTusa’s hard work and dedication this school year.

“This was an amazing time to celebrate all of the hard work we put in on the paper and get to know one another a little better. Our staff has gotten so close and I can always look forward to working in the newsroom.”

The advice DiTusa would like to give to any future Graphic and Layout Editor would be to “Push yourself to try something new in the way that you present information. Newspapers can be resistant to modernizing, but there are a lot of cool ways to share news worthy stories that may not be traditional”.

After graduation in May 2017, Kallie DiTusa is enjoying her wide variety of career possibilities, but feels no rush right now. However, she does plan to move back home and live with her parents for a short while.

Gianna Miceli
Features Editor

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