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Midnight Faces album courses through veins

March 24, 2017

One of my favorite things about being the music director for WPFS 105.9, Proud Fighting Scots Radio, is discovering new music that intoxicates me—almost literally. The few minutes of pleasure through sound is what I live for. This band and this album give me that. Midnight Faces really knows what they are doing when they play music, it is honestly no joke.

There are very few artists, especially in this day and age, that play such intricate sounds and rhythms that make you stop what you’re doing just to be able to fully appreciate the sound. The song “Sirens” is one of the most well put together songs that I have ever heard, and I listen to a lot of songs that are decades old. There are only a handful that are considered masterpieces in my mind.

The band had agreed to do an interview with WPFS to talk about their music on the show “The Backstage Pass;” but unfortunately was not able to get around to scheduling one. However, guitarist Matthew Doty told, “We are admittedly terrible at talking about our music in any serious way. It’s a self-deprecating disease and a result of living in Los Angeles where everyone can’t wait to tell you how they hung the stars. We’re proud of the work we put into this record and are grateful for the skilled humans who added their touch to Heavenly Bodies. It’s a sincere attempt at our own thing. And for the record—we hung the stars.”

Indeed it is hard to talk about their music, even as a listener. The entire album has a cinematic feel and evokes themes of galaxies. Influences from 1980’s bands like New Order & The Cure are apparent throughout the album, as well as from other synthpop/rock bands from that era. There are also some similarities between Midnight Faces and the band M83. You can listen to their music on WPFS, our campus radio station.

Lily Guillen
Contributing Writer

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