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Unsung Hero

March 24, 2017

Jevanie Gillen works in Wallace Hall as an administrative assistant for the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, otherwise known as CAMWS. CAMWS is an organization that is over 100 years old and is made up of Greek and Latin teachers and professors from all over the country. The organization gives scholarships and grants to students pursuing a degree within the classics department. Thomas Sienkewicz, a classics professor at Monmouth College, said “Jevanie is the glue which keeps all the activities of CAMWS well-coordinated. She is also the oil which keeps things running smoothly. But, above all, she is a loving surrogate mother for the students who pass through the office.” Before she worked as an administrative assistant, she worked as a part-time secretary for the accounting, political economy and commerce, music, and art departments.

Jevanie is originally from Monmouth and has loved every second of it. She attended Monmouth High School and then continued her education at Carl Sandburg College before ending up at Western Illinois University. She started working for Monmouth College in 2010. She has two sons that attend Monmouth College, Connor and Sam Gillen. She also has two younger daughters, Carly and Mattison.

When asked about one piece of advice she would give to students, Jevanie replied with “I would tell students to have confidence in everything they do and to follow your heart”. She also said her favorite thing about Monmouth College is the close-knit community and she feels the campus is a second family for her.

Jevanie enjoys traveling, she is going to Canada for a business meeting in April. In June, she is going to Delaware for her sister’s wedding. Her family has a tradition of always going to the Indianapolis 500 over Memorial Weekend. She is also looking forward to a trip to Hawaii this coming January. She is going with her Husband, Matt Gillen, and her sons Connor and Sam.

When asked about one thing Jevanie would like to cross off her bucket list, she replied with getting her kids through college. She is a wonderful and supportive mother to her four kids. In the mean-time while she is waiting for her kids to graduate college, she likes to spend her time crafting and doing DIY projects around the house. She enjoys taking projects and trying to find the cheapest and most efficient way to create her projects.

Logan Moothart
Contributing Writer

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