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Book review: The Blue by Lucy Clarke

March 31, 2017

A wanderlust traveler, passionate diarist, and proud owner of a first class degree in English Literature, Clarke is a naturally gifted full-time novelist. Native to the south coast of England, Clarke and her husband spend their winters traveling, and summers at their home. Aside from her career as a full-time novelist she leads creative writing workshops, and presents at social events. Deservingly, Clarke is a honorable speaker, and a notable writer. Natural talent shines in her gripping novel, The Blue, a mystery that unravels with every page.

This compelling novel centers on best friends, Kitty and Lana, who leave home, running from lives that are weighed down by secrecy. Looking for adventure, Lana and Kitty are invited to join a group of fellow wanderers on a Yacht, The Blue, and travel the world, port to port. The Blue is read in waves of memories, and present day fragments of the main character Lana.

In present day, Lana has estranged herself from the once seemingly picture-perfect life she had on The Blue. After hearing shocking news about the yacht, still home to Kitty, Lana is spelled by the memories of the life she so desperately tried to bury. What began as a quintessential lifestyle of traveling to idyllic islands, and blithe nights steeped in rum quickly fades to a sinister nightmare when a crew member disappears. As tension grows thick between crew members, secrets and betrayal commandeer the course of The Blue. From lagoon swims, and relaxing on exotic sands, to a fervid argument that leaves a crewmember missing, The Blue is a thrilling mystery that will keep you reading obsessively.

Haley Thompson
Contributing Writer

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