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Ice Choir album throwback to 1980

March 31, 2017

Ice Choir is the definition of music outside of its age. The best description for its sound is a modern trip back to the 1980’s synthpop; and a similar voice to that of the band Tears for Fears. In an interview for WPFS 105.9, Proud Fighting Scots Radio, Kurt Feldman, the man behind Ice Choir shared his inspirations for the new album and how his journey as a musician led him to the creation of this new music project.

Feldman began with the band The Depreciation Guild in 2005, with one of their more popular songs being “Dream About Me” (amazing song by the way). After disbanding in about 2011, Ice Choir began in order for Feldman to fully have creative freedom over his music. Feldman plays all the instruments and mixes them together to create the intricate electronic sounds. Apart from having influences from 80’s music in the U.S., Feldman also draws inspiration from 80’s Japanese artists.

During the interview Feldman shared, “I don’t really like to talk so much about lyrical content, I feel like that sort of taints somebody’s personal interpretations of the song. But I will say that the overarching theme of the entire record, I don’t know if it was like ever realized or discussed, but the whole concept of the record is about creating music. So a lot of the songs kind of tie into that, and it’s something that I’ve thought a lot about over the last few years because my day job is to create music and sounds in the commercial realm of music creation.” Feldman works in creating background music for video games; which is clearly shown in his music with the awesome electronic sounds. You can listen to the full interview and Ice Choir’s dreamy music on our campus radio station by tuning into 105.9 FM today, Friday, at noon and this Sunday at 2 P.M.

Lily Guillen
Contributing Writer

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