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March Madness: not just for the boys

March 31, 2017

When it comes to sports, especially around March, it almost seems impossible to put your two cents in. However, contrary to popular belief, girls can be college basketball fans, too. It is hard, though, being a fan of a sport with such intense analytics. I am used to nice questions regarding the tournament itself, not, “When was the last time Kansas only scored 25 points or less in the first half of a tournament game?” I can tell you that Josh Jackson averages about 16 points a game and was shooting about 62% from the 2-point range at the beginning of the 2016-2017 basketball season.

I will say, being a girl who loves basketball does get you some cool points. None of my friends like sports let alone watch basketball. So, in order for me to converse about basketball at all, I have to rely on my guy friends. Some are impressed by my knowledge of this beautiful sport. Others are merely mesmerized by my addiction to such a masculine activity.

All jokes aside, in case you didn’t know, I am a huge Kansas Jayhawk fan. Let me be the first to tell you how stressful it is. I started following them about 4 years ago. My family has had a tradition that we go to a home game in the amazing Allen Fieldhouse and eventually attend the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament every year. The first loss I witnessed was to Stanford in the Sweet 16. Fast forward to this year, because we not only got to witness perhaps the most entertaining team since I can recall, but we got to see them on their home turf in the Elite 8 game. The hype was too real for us to even think they may lose this game. Oregon had never been to the Final Four before, so the hunger was really getting the Ducks going. Final score was 74-60 Oregon. Frank Mason had a 21-point game, while Devonte Graham only had 3 points. Considering the Jayhawks had an average margin of 30 points the entire tournament, did I mention that being a Kansas Jayhawk fan was stressful?

Even though the great season is over, I will always be a fan and I can only imagine what kind of recruits the Jayhawks will land in the coming seasons. Bill Self is a talented coach who can turn any team into a winning team.

Being a girl who loves college basketball can be tough, but being a Jayhawk fan can be even tougher. Either way, it is rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it for any other sport!

Mikaela McKenney
Contributing Writer

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