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March 31, 2017

I don’t like my job. That’s because some days it is filled with emails, meetings and tedious tasks. Some days the sun rises and sets while it seems like I’ve stared all day at numbers and charts, trying to find emerging trends.

My team is charged with connecting and engaging Monmouth College alumni and friends. We turn that engagement into philanthropy to help carry forward the Monmouth mission.

Monmouth has almost 20,000 alumni across all 50 states and six continents. Even in my wildest dreams I know it would be impossible to get every alum back on campus at the same time. Thank goodness for technology!

On April 18, we will execute our inaugural Scots Day of Giving. Known as #ScotsDay17, it will be a special day. It will be fueled by the power of social media and collaboration, and it will provide an opportunity for the entire Monmouth College family to come together on one day – wherever they are.

#ScotsDay17 will collectively celebrate our 164-year legacy through an exciting 18-hour, 53-minute challenge that honors our heritage and traditions. Inspired to make a difference, some donors have already come forward to offer challenge gifts that support initiatives such as the Senior Class Gift, Fighting Scots Society and Seriously Creative.

Those of you reading this are the lucky ones. You are an inspiration to those that came before you. They think back fondly to those who taught, mentored and motivated them throughout their Monmouth journey. And they remember that their opportunities, not unlike yours, were made possible because their predecessors paid it forward.

I don’t like my job. I LOVE my job. Not just because I work with outstanding people. Not just because I am immersed in a residential college campus full of youthful energy. Not just because I am impressed every day by the remarkable alumni who are connected to and support Monmouth College.

I LOVE my job because each and every day I have the opportunity to think big, to be creative, to try something new, all for the betterment of an amazing place doing amazing things.

Uncharted waters can be scary, but oh, how they can be exciting!

Hannah Maher
Director of Alumni Engagement

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