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Book review: Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley

April 7, 2017

Author Emily Ley is passionate and devoted to her aspirations. After obtaining degrees, in English and public administration, Ley made a bold life-changing decision. She got married, quit both of her full-time jobs and became a designer. She found her cranny of success in designing stationary, academic and daily planners, and organizing accessories. This reflective read is much more than one of the many, over abundant, inspirational autobiographies. It is a motivating account of her continuous struggle to surrender the need for perfection in her life. As written in her book, the stresses of being a mother of two young children, a wife, a professional, and a striving entrepreneur has taught her more than success could have alone. In this book you will find raw emotion, honest pain, and common struggles that seem impossible to hurdle. You may also find that even though your personal circumstances may be different, Ley’s advice on how to live gracefully will enlighten your day to day activity. I read this as a senior in college, and her words could not met my eye at a better time.

The main points of this book ask its audience to understand the importance of having grace with yourself, your people, and in your calling. Grace within you, expels perspective challenging tokens of wisdom. Ley challenges our perception of what makes us worthy, and questions the standard we hold ourselves too. Ley elaborates on how we often forget real life is flawed, and holding too high of expectations for ourselves, we will only hinder our prosperity. “The good life is rich, slow, real, and flawed” (2). Encouragement to weaken the desire of being Pinterest or Instagram worthy is an argument well made in this book. Ley also uses her personal experiences to illustrate the power of gratitude. Seeing gratitude and grace as major component to living sincerely is a key aspect to the obsession you’ll feel in this book. Ley seeps with humanness and relatability that most motivational author’s lack. Through mindful exercises, life advice, examples of how to love yourself, and hilarious “whoops” moments, Ley’s Grace Not Perfection, will warm your heart and make you feel like you’ve known her for year. This simple and addicting read will help you embrace simplicity and celebrate the daily joy.

Haley Thompson
Contributing Writer

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