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First album is one for the records

April 7, 2017

As a Mexican music fanatic, I find myself so incredibly proud and excited when I see Mexican bands rising despite the annoying perceptions and stereotypes that have surrounded Mexican music for so many years. With all their beauty, mariachis and rancheras have been a great part of Mexican music history. However, there are those of us, Mexicans, who find the pleasure of music in other genres. That does not mean that we are not proud of our culture, or that we are any less “Mexican.” It just means that we are slightly different.

In this case, the Mexican band Camilo Séptimo has found their amazing genius sound in the realm of alternative and indie music with a touch of disco. Just last week they released their new album Óleos; and the album is a masterpiece in its entirety. Not only music wise, but the cover art is absolutely breathtaking as well. On top of that, it is only their first album! They had released their Maya EP in 2014 with only 5 songs, and that was enough to captivate incredibly so many music followers, including myself.

In 2015, they released the first single from the album called “Eres;” which may sound like a very happy song, but it’s actually about a person begging someone to stay with them. In 2016, they released another two singles from the album, which were “Miénteme” and “Neón.” The song “Miénteme” is one of their more calm songs, while “Neón” is one of their more upbeat ones that makes you feel like you’re the biggest music genius that ever lived when you discover it. Camilo Séptimo has similarities to music artists like Roosevelt, Foals, and the mind-blowing Mexican alternative band, Zoé. Open your mind and listen to this incredible album tomorrow, Saturday, on the show “Otra Perspectiva” from 11am-1pm on our campus radio station: WPFS 105.9 Proud Fighting Scots Radio.

Lily Guillen
Contributing Writer

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