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International Fashion Show was no joke

April 7, 2017

Michelle Ravel / The Courier

The Intercultural Fashion Show was held on April 1 at 7:00 P.M. in the Dahl Auditorium and Kasch Performance Hall. This event was sponsored by Umoja, The International Club, and The Teaching and Learning Center. There were roughly thirty members in Intercultural Life that participated in the event whether it was modeling, reciting poetry, or working backstage to make sure things ran smoothly.

There were many Monmouth College international students that were able to model fashion from their home lands. With nearly twenty five percent of Monmouth College’s enrollment made up of students who come from other countries around the world, this event was quite successful. All proceeds of the fashion show went towards the International Club and Umoja. With this money, they can potentially host more events or donate to different causes around the world.

The Intercultural Life’s mission statement is to create an environment that is inclusive, supportive, and welcoming of historically underrepresented student groups and students from other countries. The Intercultural Life’s vision statement is to see Monmouth College students acquire an understanding of the myriad of cultures that exist in U.S. society and to acquire the skills to live, celebrate and appreciate the diversity of those cultures. By hosting this fashion show, Monmouth College students from other countries were able to show audience members was fashion looks like around the world. Along with, students were able to participate in the celebration and appreciate diverse fashions in different cultures.

This fashion show consisted of three rounds of wear. The first round included formal wear, the second round included casual wear, and the last round included the models choosing for him or herself. Roughly thirty one members from the Monmouth community attended this event. With a total of sixty two dollars raised Umoja, The International Club, and The Teaching and Learning Center were all proud with the outcome of this event.

An international life member, Nhung Vu, was very pleased with the amount money raised and the people they can potentially help with that money raised. Freshman, Campbell Quirk, was also very excited for this sponsored event as well. He was interested in modeling attire from his home land, Australia, before he unfortunately found out he had a baseball game the same night. Even though Quirk could not attend the Intercultural Fashion Show, he was both happy and proud to be a member of such a great organization on campus.

Asa Stevenson
Contributing Writer

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