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Meet the Courier Staff

April 7, 2017

Melanie Costin, senior, is the Online Editor/Manager at the Courier. The duties of the Online Editor/Manager are to oversee the online copy of the newspaper and post all articles onto the website.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Costin heard about Monmouth College during a College fair held at her high school. After a half hour conversation with an Admission Representative, she found Monmouth to be her home for the next four years.

Majoring in Computer Science; Costin was pulled into the world of newspaper as a sophomore by former editors Meg Lyle and Andrea Papineau.

When she is not working on the Courier, Costin can be heard singing it up as the president of Sassy Lassies on campus. However in between song notes and homework, she has a hidden pleasure of reading books.

The advice Costin would like to give to any future Online Editor/Manager would be “It is important to know that you’re allowed to ask questions. You’re allowed to be confused. It is a good experience and there are definitely always new things to learn”

“Being a part of the Courier, since I was a sophomore, has definitely given me more confidence in posting articles,” Costin said. “I remember when I first started and it would take me hours just because I didn’t want to mess up”.

After graduation in May 2017, Melanie Costin has high hopes and aspirations of entering the work force back in the Windy City. She is vigorously sending out applications.

Gianna Miceli
Features Editor

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