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Meet the Courier Staff

April 7, 2017

Rhemi Rexrode, senior, is the Copy Editor at the Courier. The duties of the Copy Editor include reading every article that gets placed in the paper and checking for errors regarding grammar and content.

Originally from Effingham, Illinois, Rexrode heard about Monmouth College from a high school classmate. She signed the deal by being able to continue her soccer career while earning her under graduate degree.

Majoring in Biospychology; Rexrode was pulled into the world of newspaper from the former copy editor, who happened to be a writing tutor as well. Co-Editor in Chief, Miranda Jones, heavily persuaded Rhemi Rexrode to take on the newspaper family.

When she is not working on the Courier, Rexrode can be seen participating in this year’s production of Meet Me in St. Louis. In addition, she was a member of the dance and soccer teams. In her spare time, Rexrode enjoys a good book, or two.

Her favorite memories of the newspaper staff include “staying in the news room late with everyone while we bond over all the craziness happening!”

“The team is wonderful,” Rexrode said. “It’s just another family I get to be a part of here at Monmouth!”

The advice Rexrode would like to give to any future Copy Editor would be “Leave yourself plenty of time to read everything and take pride in what you do! Every writer needs a reader, so have fun with it!”

After graduation in May 2017, Rhemi Rexrode is planning to work in a lab for a year while attending graduate school to pursue a masters in behavioral modification and counseling.

Gianna Miceli
Features Editor

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