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Opportunities begin at City Year

April 7, 2017

With graduation reaching closer, it is time for students to begin considering what they want to do after commencement on May 14. On Monday, April 3, Eric Barbour, a Regional Recruitment Manager for City Year, came to campus to talk with Monmouth College students about opportunities available to them with City Year.

City Year, a national non-profit program, works in 28 cities at over 1,200 schools to increase graduation rates of students across the United States. City Year’s focus is on students who are at risk of dropping out of school because they are in high-poverty communities. City Year targets these students by considering their attendance, behavior, and course performance. They use this in order to help better off student’s chances of thriving at school.

Barbour explained that many students that become crewmembers at City Year don’t know what they want to do with a career when beginning their year of service. “Our crew members are really crucial resources on our campuses. They do really great, hard work but they are able to build important skills they can transfer into other jobs.”

Although City Year does work in schools with students, Barbour set the record straight saying, “The smallest percentage of our members are education majors. City Year accepts people from all majors some of the highest being psychology, sociology, and communication.”

City Year is looking to hire young adults between the age of 18-25. The only requirements are that they have a high school diploma, are a U.S. citizen or legal permitted resident of the United States, and can commit to one full year of service.

“We are looking for passionate, motivated young adults who are interested in working with kids, gaining new perspectives, and figuring out what path lies ahead for them,” explained Barbour.

Last year City Year hired 10 Monmouth College graduates, eight of which went to Chicago but applicants can choose from any of the 28 cities to serve in.

“Our hope for our members is that after their year of service they have the skills necessary to be successful and also have the vision to know where they want to go and where they want to influence the world.”

Miranda Jones
Co-Editor in Chief

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