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Student art show proves strength in three

April 7, 2017

Photo courtesy of Lily Guillen - Kallie DiTusa, Gabrielle General, and Rubi Nogueron

On Saturday, April 1st, in the Everett gallery, Kallie DiTusa, Gabrielle General, and Rubi Nogueron presented their senior capstone under the theme of ‘Fuerza en Tres’ or ‘Strength in Three’s.’ With the Gallery filled with DiTusa’s and Nogueron’s brilliantly crafted canvases, along with General’s meticulously put together three-dimensional creation, the audience was put in awe while they surveyed the various art specimens hung on the walls and from ceiling.

Several students, faculty, staff and individuals outside of Monmouth College attended the event and listened in on what each of the students had to say about what ‘strength in Three’s’ meant to them and how it is represented in their artwork. Senior and Graphic Designer for The Courier Kallie DiTusa says that the creative influence behind her use of triangles stems from more than just the visual justice it gives to the eye. “I have a lot of interest in the idea of trinities/triads and the way they repeat in the world.”

Senior Rubi Nogueron created vivacious paintings that represented a distorted reality. “Knowing wholeheartedly that everything that glitters is not gold, I needed to have lived in order to have created my paintings.” Nogueron added that there is not enough representation of Mexican culture in art. “I took everything I learned into consideration: from the way mental illness is treated to the way women are supposed to act. I wanted to use my paintings to reflect on these traditional morals we learned from a very young age and talk about them.”

Senior Gabrielle General pointed out in her speech that she draws parallels between her emotions and the animals that personify those emotions. “I love that through my own patience, creativity, ingenuity, love of myth and passion, I can be an acting force in this magical process of making my imagination a reality.”

According to DiTusa, the senior exhibition has been in the back of the seniors’ minds since their first art course they took at Monmouth freshman year, “Art & Ideas.” “To see the show come together and to have so much support for everyone around us has been really reassuring. After 4 years of experimentation and struggling through critiques, there’s no better feeling to hang up some work that you’re proud of and have people walk into a gallery to see what you have been up to in the studio.”

Riley Hess
News Editor

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