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Students achieve more at Warren Achievement Center

April 7, 2017

Monmouth College students looking to enhance their career skills and gain valuable experience in a rewarding environment can find it in the local community. Give back to the organizations that offer their services that benefit you!
Warren Achievement Center, located in town, offers several opportunities and services for students. This organization enables persons with developmental disabilities to function to the maximum extent possible as responsible members of the community. They give them an opportunity to choose and to realize their goals of where and how they live, learn, work and play.

Warren Achievement Center offers numerous volunteer opportunities as well as internships and job positions working with persons of developmental disabilities. In their 24/7 residential homes, volunteers can play games, craft, and watch movies, brightening the days of the Achievers while getting them and yourself involved in the community.

This organization also works with the college in offering internships in a variety of majors including Business, Communication Studies, Exercise Science, and Public Relations. Upon approval from the academic departments, undergraduates can receive credit. They also offer job opportunities including Residential Assistant, a full time position with benefits, capable of providing support and direction to the individuals.

Not only do they provide valuable career services but they offer custom products designed in their own sheltered workshop, created by the Achievers’ helping hands. They can make wood and plastic products, provide assembly, computerized routing, light machine operations, and fix production errors. WAC also has public transportation including the Monmouth Shuttle and Scots Shuttle. Door-To-Door services are available as well.

Students can enrich their lives as well as the lives of those in the community by getting involved with the Warren Achievement Center. With a variety of opportunities, services, and benefits, this local organization will continue to provide with the best interest in mind for each member of our surrounding area.

Tessa Jones
Contributing Writer

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