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Unsung Heroes

April 7, 2017

Nine years ago David Fisher’s life changed dramatically. After 42 years of running an in town grocery store, it closed down and he was looking for work. After being involved in Monmouth College for a couple years, he tested his luck and put in an application. Nine Years later Fisher is in his last year working for the college.

Although he is an essential part in running the Huff Athletic Center that is not what he believes to be his most important duty. He loves the students here at Monmouth and makes sure that they are happy. Going out of his way to check on students he thinks are going through rough days are one of the many reasons students admire him. This past Sunday he was invited to the volleyball team’s banquet where he received a card and was recognized for his passion for the team. Moments like this are what he says he will miss the most about Monmouth. “The students will be what I miss the most. I have never had a student say a bad thing to me and I’ll miss that,” says Fisher.

Over 60 students have gotten in touch with him after graduation and he hopes more do this year. Almost every athlete knows who David Fisher is and how important he is to this college. After nine years of aiding in the Huff Center, he is ready to be on the other side of sports. After being an athlete during his life he knows how hard the athletes work and he is ready to be able to see them in action. He says he will attend every home game with his wife and grandchildren, and is looking forward to being able to enjoy the games without having to work them. The students at Monmouth will miss David Fisher as much as he will miss all of them.

Maggie Hayes
Contributing Writer

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