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Bowers parking lot finally finished

April 28, 2017

Michelle Ravel / The Courier

Construction has been completed on a new parking lot across from Bowers Hall on 6th Street and opened for student-only use on April 18. The completion of the lot was delayed by the weather, as wet conditions wouldn’t allow for painting to be completed. The parking lot was built with a donation from David Bowers, who has maintained a continued interest after his donation helped to build Bowers Hall in 2001.

The new parking lot added 55 spots of close parking reserved for residents of Bowers Hall, and helped the city of Monmouth resolve a problem with the sewer and storm runoff. Underneath the new lot, there is a sewer extension to help manage the water in or near the lot. New green parking permits were placed in the mailboxes of Bowers Hall residents that should be used to park in the new lot.

The parking lot is expected to alleviate some of the parking issues around campus, including those of non-bowers residents. Monmouth College’s Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Duane Bonifer said, “Most people grew up in homes and are accustomed to parking in the driveway. Now on a college campus the parking may not be right next to where somebody lives. We don’t have a parking problem it’s more of a walking problem. . . If Monmouth’s biggest problem is parking, then this college is in pretty good shape.”

Bonifer also went on to note that at nearly every college or university the first complaint is typically parking, but Monmouth College is in much better shape than most. Bonifer doesn’t know of any plans for any additional new parking lots in the works, but says it depends on a donor.

Monmouth College Senior and Bowers Hall resident DreeAnn Barr said, “It’s nice that the parking lot is finally done. It’s really convenient to just walk across the street to my car instead of having to walk 6 blocks to the Euclid parking lot. Now people won’t have to park on the sidewalk to unload their cars. I think it will help parking on campus for students, especially people who live in Bowers.”

Logan Spangler
Contributing Writer

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