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BzzChatter: the future of college news?

April 28, 2017

Founder and Co-founder of BzzChatter Chris Catris and Kevin Onischuk have created a new app that is aiming to bring campus news to the tip of one’s fingers in a free and easy-to-use structure. BzzChatter is an app that shares news created by students for students. Through this app, one can draft news, culture, sports, and opinion pieces directly on a phone or tablet and submit it to a school’s news organization while being able to read those stories from the app as well. Also, there is a way to rate each article to give direct feedback to the sources putting out these stories. In a sense of familiarity, this app uses familiar themes and functions from other popular websites and apps like The Odyssey and the infamous Yik Yak, and mixes them with their own original ideas.

Catris and Onischuk do not only want to bring together a single college and their respective student body, but they want to unite the colleges and news organizations around the country. “Without an internet presence, there is a disconnect between news organizations and their readers in this age of technology,” said Onischuk, “One of our primary features is that no matter how small the organization is, it has the capability of receiving national exposure.” This type of national news sharing would create a new college-age community that would potentially rival larger news sharing outlets like current social media behemoths Twitter and Facebook. Not only would this app rival other apps and websites, but it would give collegiate news organizations a real-world opportunity of presenting news to a national audience virtually optimizing their outreach.

Another key function of this app is the ability to draft articles on the go. Onischuk implies that this would be a best-case scenario for schools trying to keep up with breaking news each week. “Right now, the writer would have to go back to his laptop or PC and write the story from there. We want this to be instantaneous.” For most schools, students either write articles at night or early in the morning when they have adequate access to a school computer or their own laptop. With this app, students could draft articles in between classes, during lunch, or even in the bathroom.

An added feature to BzzChatter is the privacy of user to user interaction. Onischuk mentioned a certain level of privacy is needed with BzzChatter in order for it to thrive. “We want users to feel comfortable submitting content to their news organizations, but we also want to encourage discussion around topics.” The rating system allows every person to rate an article that allows organizations to receive instant feedback from their audience along with the ability to comment which would give even greater feedback.

BzzChatter has the potential to become a groundbreaking resource for news organizations that could reshape the way in which people report news. Only time will tell if BzzChatter will be here to stay or will be a blip on the extensive timeline of news sharing. BzzChatter has been freshly added onto the App Store.

Riley Hess
News Editor

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