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Meet the Courier Staff

April 28, 2017

Double majoring in Accounting and Business Administration; Ravel was pulled into the world of newspaper because she had connections with the previous Photo Editor. Michelle Ravel would tag along and help take pictures for the newspaper. After the Photo Editor had left, Professor Angotti asked Ravel to join the team.

When she is not working on the Courier, Ravel enjoys romantic walks on the beach with her significant other. She can also be seen hanging outdoors with some of her friends.

The advice Ravel would like to give to any future Photo Editor would be “find helpers to take pictures, have fun with the pictures you take. The more creative the better. Also attend the ICPA convention”.

Michelle Ravel’s favorite memory includes ICPA Convention and end of the year parties with Professor Angotti. One of the perks of being on the newspaper is being able to go to Professor Angotti’s house to have an end recap of the year. His wife and himself cook a delicious meal and it is filled with conversation of memories and laughter.

After graduation in May 2017, Michelle Ravel plans to work at IH Mississippi Valley Headquarters in Moline, Illinois. She will be moving the Quad Cities with senior, Eva Gonzales.

Gianna Miceli
Features Editor

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