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Unsung Heroes

April 28, 2017

Before working for Monmouth College, Sarah Young spent ten years as a Controls Technician and Maintenance Mechanic for Johnson Controls in Moline. She is currently the Director of Facilities at Monmouth College. She decided to apply to Monmouth College just to see what would happen. She was curious how a change of scenery might benefit her, and was ecstatic when she found out she was accepted for the position.

Seeing an ad online for a position as the Director of Facilities, she applied. Nearly three years later, she is very happy with her position, and loves her loyal and dedicated staff saying they are good at what they do, and fun to be around. She will have officially been here for three years this September. Sarah was one of countless candidates throughout the country that applied for the position. President Wyatt said “All the candidates demonstrated abilities that are appropriate for the position…however…Sarah’s background, skill set, interpersonal skills and ‘can do’ attitude gave her the edge.” She currently manages a staff of 40 full-time employees. Part of what drew her to Monmouth College was the immaculate campus with its gorgeous architecture. Most campuses were plain to her, whereas Monmouth had a lot of character.

In addition to her love for the campus façade, her personal experience with the school, before having worked here, piqued her enthusiasm as well. She said the staff at the school have always treated her very professionally, and she has always felt very comfortable working with them. A very enthusiastic person, it is evident that Sarah and her staff work very well together. The tasks she performs are far more expansive than simply scheduling maintenance.

Aside from her work at the college, she is also the mother of a fourteen-year-old daughter, and is an avid boater. She enjoys cruising with her husband in their cabin cruiser. They go out on many excursions in their boat. It’s a major source of relaxation, and is a large part of her life. When asked what she would like the students to know, she said she hopes “the students have a good experience,” and “anything her staff can do to help,” she is happy to provide.

John Cotter
Contributing Writer

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